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Compendium of included sounds

Funk Drummer includes 35 multilayer sounds with 3 different hits (ghost note, accented note and special) x 3 RoundRobin alternating samples. The Round Robin alternating samples combines 3 layer samples of each stroke to create a extremely natural sound.

HiHat Bright

HiHat Dark

HiHat Electro

HiHat Zildjian

HiHat Small 11"

Ride 1

Ride 2

Ride 3

Snare Roomy

Snare Electro

Snare Maple Custom

Snare 13"

Snare Small 10"

Snare Wood

Snare High

Snare Big


Hoop 2

Snare Wood Rim

Kick Roomy

Kick Electro

Kick Yamaha

Kick Small

Kick Pillow

Kick Sub

Kick Low

Kick Loose

Kick SubSub

Kick ExtraComp

Tom 1

Tom 2

Tom 3

TomB 2

TomB 3

TomB 1


  • +150 Funk Rhythms
  • Jam like a real drummer
  • Song Mode
  • Round Robin Sounds