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Available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store
Ready for Audiobus and Inter-app. Syncing perfect with Ableton Link
Live Pads - Song Mode

Mid East Drummer


The Bass Player for iPad

iBassist turns your iPad into a versatile bass player to jam or compose anywhere and create grooves for installed drum apps, so the jam enters a new level.
Additionally, it sends progression chords by MIDI, so you can have any synth/piano on the background and a proper band jamming instantly.

Bass lines are based in degrees, so you can apply any chord progression to any bass line.
A valuable tool to apply different bass grooves to your songs.
The jam tool brings musical variations and new ideas on the way.

iBassist Manual

iBassist is available on the App Store

Random Review by Leostrong99992222
Live MIDI mode?
Anybody able to explain how it works? I bought this app precisely for that and I cannot get it to work. Otherwise seems like a capable app.

Mid East Drummer

Mid East Drummer

Beats from the Middle East

A complete Middle Eastern percussion ensemble in your hands including more than 300 Rhythms from Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Persia, Iran, Turkey, Greece... with meticulously treated sounds creating the most realistic percussion world.
Middle East grooves are the one greatest rhythmic richness, with a large number of different measures. From the common 4 / 4 time to the most interesting and exotic asymmetrical rhythms, like 7/8, 5/8, 15 / 16, 11/ 16 ...
- More than 300 editable grooves easy searchable by measure.
- Multilayered sounds with Round Robin samples.
- Live Pads
- Song Mode
- Midi In / Out

Bendir, Darbuka, Riq, Dahola, Davul, Tar, Tarija
Erbeni, Doumbek, Riqq, Mazhar, Tupan, Goblet Drum, Dumbelek

Mid East Drummer is available on the App Store

Random Review by

Future Drummer

Future Drummer

Electronic and futuristic beats instantly. Loads of editable grooves and multilayer sounds. The LumBeat jamming algorithm improved and adapted for electronic music.

Minimal, House, Electro, Hip Hop, Industrial, Electro Latino, EDM

- Midi Out sends all note grooves and jamming at real time, so you can record the sequence or apply external sounds.
- The new Live mode involves you in the grooves like never before with loads of controls with effects, hits, reverses, slices and groove controls at real time
- Reverse or Slice individual hits with the easy editor.
- Live Pads to assign rhythms, jam intensity and colors to play live session. Selectable by Midi with Notes or Program Change.
- Song Mode is the fastest and effective way to create the structure for your songs with the best quality.
- Integrated Effects: Compressor, Delay, Reverb and EQ for main Mix. 2 Extra Send delays for Live mode
- More than 100 Multilayer sounds
- More than 300 editable grooves easy searchable by tags. Don't need to program but you can make your own grooves, no limits.

Future Drummer is available on the App Store

Random Review by Crackhausen
The best yet!
Best lumbeat app yet! Having trouble with crashes when trying to load my own saved patterns, just tried deleting and reinstallingeven better on ipads, thankyou Very Much look forward to more lumbeat apps

Soft Drummer

Soft Drummer

The subtle drummer
Soft drummer brings the most pure acoustic drum sounds played with brushes, hot rods and hands combined with advanced AI algorithms giving the warmest grooves and variations for jazz, soft pop, ballads, latin ...
Warmth and subtlety like never before.

Soft Drummer is available on the App Store

Random Review by Larry Seyer
Ingenius Implementation but lacks full MIDI control
Love the sounds. Love the concept and implementation in all their apps. Love the inter app audio BUT the app doesn’t accept MIDI commands to control the patterns, drum kits, or mixer UNTIL you load a pads layout. What if I don’t want to use pads and I want to control it from Quantiloop? Sorry, no can do. You have to load the program, THEN load a pads layout (which is limited to only 8 pads) and then you can send a program change message to switch between pads. What if I need 128 patches? Sorry no can do. Only 8. I own ALL of the Lumbeat drum apps. They ALL sounds great but they ALL have the same limitations... extremely limited MIDI implementation. I need to be able to switch patterns, drum kits, and control the mixer via MIDI from of apps. This series of great sounding apps does not do that. But the idea of being able to mix and match the parts of a drum kit is cool. I also like the pattern editor’s use of 4 levels/types of drum hits. But it really needs a better MIDI implementation. A better GUI would be nice too. But the MIDI thing is seriously lacking.

Funk Drummer

Funk Drummer

The most groovy drum app for iOS!
The new Funk Drummer is full of rhythms and sounds with the essence of authentic Funk, from classic R&B to fusion. Round robin samples brings organic feel along with the best improvisation tool.
Pure groove.

Funk Drummer is available on the App Store

Random Review by dirt road doug
Superb App!
My first impression is this app is created with pro musicians in mind... since I perform live on a variety of instruments - including percussion - I’m thrilled to have Funk Drummer as part of my practice and performance setup. Thanks Lumbeat!

Rock Drum Machine

Rock Drum Machine

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a solid Rock Drummer.
Powerful drum sounds, tons of rhythms and the ability to improvise like a heavy drummer and get energetic drumming grooves easily in a flash.
The best drum machine for Rock!

Rock Drum Machine is available on the App Store

Random Review by Hannah Grier
Great product
Everything you could ask for in a practice and song development app.

SuperMetronome Groovebox

Brazilian Drum Machine

A full brazilian rhythm section with thousands of grooves and sounds with the best round robin samples. Traditional percussion and adapted rhythms for drumset, all the magic of Brazilian percussion at your fingertips.

Brazilian Drum Machine is available on the App Store

Random Review by stevencirile
Awesome app
As all of them this one rocks

AfroLatin Drum Machine

Afro Latin Drum Machine

The richness of Caribbean rhythms.
Complete rhythm library with all the afro-cuban,dominican and latin beats. Son, guaguancó, merengue, 6/8 bembé ... with the highest sound quality.

Afro Latin Drum Machine is available on the App Store

Random Review by wind2daside
Great app with small bug
Very versatile and natural-sounding. But in the current phone version, if you’re playing a preset in the groove sequencer editing section, the steps are not highlighted as they are being played. So you’re forced to guess which sound is getting modified when you’re playing around with the sequence. Hopefully a minor bug that is easy to fix. Also, instrument sounds have a higher, more appropriate pitch on the ipad than their counterparts in the iphone version. I hope they correct the iphone sounds to match those from the ipad coz it’s kinda ruining the whole vibe.

SuperMetronome Groovebox

SuperMetronome Groovebox

The best metronome for iPhone and iPad, is also an intuitive and handy groove box - drum machine with high definition sounds. Supermetronome is the essential tool for any musician. And now with the acclaimed Beat Hider and Progressive Tempo

SuperMetronome Groovebox is available on the App Store

Random Review by Jazz Lix
What's up?
I'm sorry doesn't show 12/8 on my iPhone 6 plus but shows it on my iPad, nice app. Thank you.